LC DLLS Participant Survey #2

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Thank you for your on-going participation in this course! With regards to the topics, activities and results from April 14th-May 12th, please respond to the following questions on a scale of 1 to 3.

(1)= 'disagree',
(2)= 'somewhat agree',
(3)= 'agree'
Content Focus Questions:
1. * Discussion topics in the course further understanding regarding digital literacy

2. * The course reading: Differentiated Professional Learning was pertinent to the discussion

3. * The ePortfolio is a purposeful activity to run in tandem with the seminar

Course Format Questions:
4. * The course offers a differentiated approach to professional learning

5. * The course Moodle models the effective use of digital literacies to deliver professional learning programs

6. * Automated notifications for the Moodle are helpful

7. * Direct email correspondence is useful

8. * The time of the second video-conference f2f event was convenient

9. * The second video-conference f2fd was an effective team building activity

Other comments:
10. Please offer additional comments or concerns regarding issues not addressed in the questions above.

Thank you for your on-going feedback and participation in the course!